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The Great Galavanting, 2019/2020 Holiday Edition, is underway!

After a quick overnight stop in SF, I boarded for a looong flight to Tokyo, my first ever trip to Asia. It was another quick overnight, and I only saw the smallest sliver of Tokyo. I stayed in Odaiba (with a hotel balcony overlooking the Rainbow Bridge).

I really only had time to do one thing, so I picked the TeamLab Borderless museum. A buddy had seen it this summer, so based on his recommendation and my curiosity, that was it.

The museum is basically one huge, free-flowing art exhibit, centered on projected light and luminous objects. It’s in constant motion, mesmerizing as the lights shift and change, in shape and color and image.

Two hours was about right, with the museums’s maze of hallways and necessary darkness providing a steadily increasing sense of disorientation that was only increased by my sleep deprivation.

So, after a walk back to the hotel, a partially rejuvenating night of sleep, a hotel breakfast buffet that I had to breeze through in 15 minutes and totally underutilized, I’m back at the airport. At Narita, based on this small, late-December sample, departure security is a breeze compared to arrival customs.

About an hour to boarding, and seven hours in the air to Phnom Penh, and the Main Event will begin for GG19/20: Holiday in Cambodia.

Eric Swedlund is a writer, photographer and editor living in Tucson, Arizona. His music writing has appeared regularly in the Tucson Weekly, Phoenix New Times, East Bay Express, The Rumpus and Souciant Magazine.

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