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Denis Johnson – The Laughing Monsters


“Do you really want to go back to that boring existence?”

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White Fence – For the Recently Found Innocent


Borrowing, updating, deconstructing and reinventing the psychedelic and garage rock of the late ‘60s, White Fence gives the impression of a time machine gone haywire.

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Lee Fields & The Expressions – Emma Jean


Throughout Emma Jean, Fields struts, croons, shouts and turns on a low, tuneful vulnerability, matched at each turn by his terrific band.

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The Coathangers – Suck My Shirt


Full of elemental punk and garage rock, Suck My Shirt is the band’s best yet.

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Drive-By Truckers – English Oceans


On English Oceans, the songwriters fill their songs with evocative tales of dying ambitions, interpersonal discord and suffocating shame.

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Lydia Loveless – Somewhere Else

Lydia Loveless Somewhere Else

The different shades of longing and desire that are woven through the songs on Lydia Loveless’ Somewhere Else constitute a whole world of broken dreams.

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Beachwood Sparks

Beachwood Sparks 1 (2012)

Desert Skies, a debut album 15 years in the making.

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Shearwater – Fellow Travelers


On Fellow Travelers, Meiburg captures songs, reshapes them in his own way, and throws them back out into the world again.

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Beachwood Sparks – Desert Skies


Beachwood Sparks’ long-unheard debut presents the band at its wildest, loosest and most varied.

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Poliça – Shulamith

Polica Shulamith

Poliça’s sophomore album is a wilder, looser ride, both more experimental and more fully realized.

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