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La Cerca – That Summer Feeling


As La Cerca discovered over the course of making their new album, patience will out.

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The Donkeys – Ride the Black Wave


The musical traditions the Donkeys draw from are pure California, the good vibrations of sunny pop, beach rock, breezy alt-country and psychedelic jams.

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Joe Henry – Invisible Hour

Joe Henry InvisibleHour

Henry’s latest is full of fascinating, literate and personal songs.

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La Sera – Hour of the Dawn


Hour of the Dawn is the sound of La Sera’s Katy Goodman bursting out, personally and musically.

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Tracy Shedd – Song of the Sonoran

Tracy Shedd

Singer-songwriter goes acoustic on Arizona, a sparse yet intense album.

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The Moondoggies – Howl at the Moon


For Seattle’s Moondoggies, Adiós I’m A Ghost serves as a literal farewell.

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Amos Lee – No destination in mind


Lee talks about his new record and a night that changed his life.

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Sarah Lee & Johnny – Rocking in Harmony


The expansive Wassaic Way is the most fully realized artistic statement from Guthrie & Irion.

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Black Joe Lewis – Why So Serious?


“The answer to life is on the dance floor” advises the funk/soul/rock/blues maverick. Amen to that, Brother Joe.

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The Oblivians – Up to no good again


The garage punk heroes roar back with their first album since 1997.

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