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Great Galavanting is a travel zine, by Eric Swedlund and occasionally others.

Why the name zine? That inspiration comes from the underground rock music ‘zines of the 80s and 90s. Looking back to that era, the writing was about discovery, about looking beyond the best-selling records, finding passion and creativity and a do-it-yourself spirit in the bands that gained fans by word of mouth.

A blog is essentially a zine – for whatever subject matter the sparks a fire in the writer – but rather than choose the 21st century term, I like zine because it gets to the heart of my purpose with Great Galavanting. I want to share and discover, but it’s less about me than it is about the community that builds a connection over these common interests.

When I travel, my natural curiosity sends me beyond simply the famous sites for the elements of a place that I love. That’s not to say I’ll skip the Eiffel Tower or Colosseum, but I’ll also dig as much as I can into what the local artists and musicians have going on and how the out-of-the-way restaurants show the true colors of a city. I travel for music festivals. I don’t miss a baseball game when I’m in a Major League city. I think the flavors at the cheaper end of the spectrum are tastier and more authentic.

I’ve been a newspaper reporter and a freelance writer for the last 15 years and I make the most out of observing the things that not everybody sees. I write about music, travel, food & drink, books and science, for a variety of publications. I’m always on the search for the interesting and unusual aspects of life and I bring that eye to this zine. And I bring some friends as well. Look out for Guest Galavanters, both regular and decidedly irregular. Anyone who seeks to travel by the beat of a different drummer will have stories to tell and since I won’t ever get to all corners of the world, I’ll present some contributors who can fill in the map some.

So follow along, read, view, engage and dream of your own adventures.

Cheers, to Galavanters everywhere!

Eric Swedlund